Vet Care: A Compassionate Science

Neutering A Timid Or Easily-Scared Dog: Is A Delay Going To Help?

Ignoring the message to spay and neuter is unthinkable for many dog owners, and you may wish to have the procedure performed as soon as possible. The best age varies somewhat, depending on your dog's breed. However, some male dogs may benefit from having their neutering slightly delayed in order to correct certain behavioral problems.  Testosterone Production Neutering involves the surgical removal of your dog's testicles. In eliminating your dog's ability to reproduce, you've also eliminated his ability to produce testosterone. Read More 

3 Reasons Why You Should Vaccinate Your Pets

Vaccination helps to improve the immunity of an animal. In addition, vaccines prepare your pet to fight off diseases in the future by triggering the production of antibodies. Therefore, the primary reason you should immunize your pet is to enhance its immune system. However, there are many more benefits of immunizing your pets, as highlighted below. 1. Prevent Your Animal From Getting Sick The most obvious reason you should vaccinate your pet is that it prevents the animal from getting sick. Read More 

What Is Colitis And How Can It Be Treated?

Colitis is a condition that can occur in dogs in which the intestines or the colon are inflamed. This inflammation can be caused by a number of different health issues. Colitis can usually be treated by your veterinarian and is diagnosed with an exam from the veterinarian. If your dog has colitis, there are signs to watch out for that may indicate this health condition. Read on for a few of the signs to look out for and how it can be treated, as well as other information about colitis. Read More 

Products To Keep On Hand For At-Home Pet Wound Care

If your dog or cat develops a serious wound, of course, you need to take them to the vet. However, there's not usually a need to have minor wounds, like tiny cuts and scratches, treated by the vet. You can care for these minor wounds at home, just as you would a scrape or blister on your own body. To provide this care, though, you do need to have the right products on hand. Read More 

3 Dangerous Diseases In Dogs

Dogs are prone to getting a number of different ailments and illnesses. Some of the more common illnesses in dogs include ear infections, kennel cough, diarrhea, and external parasites. In most cases, especially when a veterinarian is involved in the treatment of these kinds of illnesses, dogs can overcome them. There are certain diseases, however, that are more dangerous to dogs as they are highly contagious and have a higher fatality rate. Read More 

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Vet Care: A Compassionate Science

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