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Senior Dog Having A Lot Of Accidents? They May Have Diabetes

If you have a senior dog that has always been good about going outside to use the bathroom but all of a sudden is having accidents, there are many things that can cause this. One of these things is diabetes. Below are some signs that your dog does have this and how your dog will be treated. 

Diabetes Symptoms

If your dog is also drinking an extreme amount of water along with urinating on the floor, they could have diabetes. Your dog will also have an increased appetite, but they will still lose weight.  If your dog has diabetes, they likely have Type 1. With this, your dog's pancreas does not produce the right amount of insulin. This results in the glucose levels being much higher in your dog's blood. 

Diabetes Treatment

Insulin therapy is the most common type of treatment used to treat diabetes. This involves your dog receiving insulin injections on a regular basis. Your veterinarian will show you how to give your dog these injections at home. Your vet will also need to keep an out on their sugar levels so you will have to bring your dog to the vet on a regular basis. The vet will set up a schedule for you.

When you take your dog to the vet, they will take urine and blood samples to check for diabetes. The vet will also check your dog for other health problems.

Diabetic Shock

It is important as if you do not keep a good check on your dog's sugar levels, they could go into shock. If this happens you need to get your dog care as soon as possible. If it is after hours, take your dog to the nearest animal hospital. If you do not, your dog could die.

If your dog is going through diabetic shock, they will have blurred vision, be very weak, or may even lose consciousness. Your dog will appear confused and disoriented, shiver like they are cold, and be very restless. 

Manage Diabetes

The vet will tell you to manage your senior dog's weight. They will tell you the type of food to feed them. The vet will also ask you to make sure your dog gets the right amount of exercise. If your dog has arthritis or other body pain, exercise may be difficult. If so, take your dog on short walks. Swimming is also a great exercise your dog can do to help them lose weight.

If your dog is diagnosed with diabetes they can still live for a long time as long as you follow your vet's instructions. 

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