Vet Care: A Compassionate Science

Prepare For A Trip Away From Home By Bringing Your Cat To The Vet First

Visiting the vet can often seem like a thing to handle only for emergencies or once a year as a check-up, but it can be so useful when you're getting ready to leave on a trip. If you have pet sitting already arranged, you'll want to also make sure that your cat is going to be in good health while you're away.

Consider the following tips for making sure that your cat will be healthy while you're traveling. 

Get a Wellness Exam Done

The most important thing you can do to make sure that your cat is healthy is having a simple wellness check-up done. While your cat may seem healthy, there could be underlying issues that they're hiding simply due to cats being great at covering up any illnesses or injuries. Since you will be away from your cat, having a wellness exam done first can make sure that there are not any health problems that will need to be addressed ahead of time.

Prepare the Sitter for Any Issues

Making sure that you find a cat sitter you can trust is important, but you also want to make sure that your sitter isn't going to run into issues with caring for your cat. Since undiagnosed health issues can lead to behavioral problems or simply illnesses that can result in vomiting, it's important for you to find a vet that is aware of all of the potential health conditions of your cat so that it doesn't end up being problematic for the sitter. This can also provide peace of mind that your cat will stay healthy when you're away.

Be Advised on How to Keep Your Cat Calm

Many cats panic when being away from their owner for the first time, making it so useful to visit a vet and ask for recommendations on how to keep your cat comfortable. From making sure that your cat is calm to getting advice for exercising, you can take care of making your cat feel more relaxed when you're away from home without them for the first time.

As you prepare for your cat to go to the veterinarian, you want to see exactly what can be useful for making sure that your cat is comfortable with cat sitting. With the above tips, it should be much easier for you to narrow down the vets available and find one that's going to help prepare your cat. Contact a veterinarian today to learn more.

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