Vet Care: A Compassionate Science

3 Kinds Of Veterinarian Jobs For Animal Lovers

Many people who love animals think about finding a career in which they can work with critters every day. The first career some animal lovers may consider is that of a veterinarian. What they may not realize is that the education necessary to become an animal doctor takes many years, costs lots of money, and has many challenges. The good news is, there are plenty of other kinds of veterinarian jobs out there for those who can't commit to veterinary school.

Here are three kinds of veterinarian jobs for animal lovers.

1. Vet Tech

A vet tech is short for veterinary technician. A vet tech's primary job is to help the veterinarian with procedures on their animal patients. Vet techs also assist with a variety of tasks in a veterinary clinic or animal hospital.

Here are some common tasks a vet tech does:

  • Performs initial physical examination.
  • Takes vital signs and gathers medical history
  • Collects blood and urine.
  • Takes x-rays and performs laboratory procedures.
  • Gives medications and vaccinations.
  • Restrains animals during tests and procedures.

There are some things that vet techs are not allowed to do, such as diagnose diseases, prescribe medicines, and perform surgery.

2. Veterinarian Assistant

A veterinarian assistant can't complete the kinds of tasks a vet tech can, but this type of veterinarian job still allows animal lovers to work directly with animals. Most veterinarian assistants work in a veterinary clinic or animal hospital.

Some of the responsibilities of a veterinarian assistant include the following:

  • Feeds the animals.
  • Takes animals for walks, plays with them, and gives them exercise.
  • Assists vet techs with laboratory procedures.
  • Cleans kennels, cages, and examination rooms.
  • Comforts animals during procedures.

In some veterinary clinics, a veterinarian assistant may also be allowed to give medication to the animals. Some veterinary assistants are also trained in grooming so that they can help to groom and bathe animal patients when necessary.

3. Veterinary Administrative Assistant

For those animal lovers who also like to work with people, a veterinary administrative assistant can be the perfect job. A veterinary administrative assistant works in the front office of a veterinary clinic or animal hospital and is the first point of contact for the owner of the animal patient.

The primary responsibilities for a veterinary administrative assistant include the following:

  • Communicates directly with the animal's owner through e-mail or telephone.
  • Schedules appointments.
  • Sends invoices and receives payments.
  • Opens and sends mail.
  • Enters data into the computer.
  • Places advertisements for open veterinarian jobs.
  • Keeps the waiting room clean.

Some veterinary administrative assistants may also help with marketing and communication for the vet clinic or animal hospital.

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